Crystal Cudworth

I use the medium of painting in an expanded field to utilize research and experimentation in my practice. My projects are socially engaged and performative and deal with issues of social class and gender while describing the struggle of the worker within an industrialized society. Process oriented observation directs my work that often begins with drawing, watercolor painting, listening, and exploring and later delves into sculptural relief collages and installation.

Color and subversion greatly interests me. Upon a carefully rendered architecture, I calculate how the color relationships in my artworks will best articulate an honest perspective. I am interested in forming viscous fields of color that translate an ocular and tactile interconnectedness of being present in nature and aware of a shared ephemeral state. The breathing and walking self are translated through harmonious compositions that reflect repetitive mark making and discovery through paint handling. Specific seasons and their atmospheres are noted and stand as a metaphor for the reciprocal action between the viewer and the view.

I strive to build a luminal space through glazing techniques that allow the brilliancy of independent and organic particles. Through delicate layering, my subject emerges subtly from an ambient and psychologically charged space. Impasto and alla prima techniques overlay these spaces in order to interrupt, unveil, and declare that the act of painting begins with a physical encounter the painter has with her canvas.