Crystal Cudworth

I use the medium of painting in an expanded field to utilize research and experimentation in my practice. My projects are socially engaged and performative and deal with issues of social class and gender while describing the struggle of the proletariat subject. Process directs my work that begins with painting and later delves into other disciplines such as installation, photography, and collage.

Color relationships are foundational to my practice. I am interested in forming viscous fields of color that translate an ocular and tactile interconnectedness. The breathing and walking self are suggested as being in harmony with people, animals, and plants through reciprocating a shared existence. My work resembles the blurred experience of a cyclical navigation in the cacophony of life’s ever-providing expressions.

I strive to build a luminal space that marks the moment culture shifts through glazing techniques that allow the brilliancy of independent particles. Through delicate layering, my subject emerges somewhat lucid from an ambient space intentionally rendered ambiguous and psychological. This is meant to indicate when the worker realizes he is but one step in the manufacturing process. Impasto and alla prima marks signify the process of painting outdoors and the athleticism imbued in this act.