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Water Where Flounders Gather (Dzantiki’i Héeni) is the stage upon which these paintings evolved from start to finish, using the water as a healing source. Observations from life form the works: by listening closely to its roaring sound at various points along the creek and watching its strong downward movement, I followed nature’s lead to animate and relate the paintings to a melody. Researching the establishment of Juneau during the Gold Rush and its hard rock mining days was a major inspiration to creating this body of work. How did the landscape here change with the arrival of gold seekers? Prior, the land was respected since time immemorial by the ancestral relationship of the Aak’w Kwaan division of the Tlingit nation and their trading communities. Through my observation-based practice of painting outdoors using organic paints, I am presenting my own version of how the land is speaking to its inhabitants today with subtle signs of its past uses.